Monday, November 3, 2014

Transfer call results!

Transfer calls came. Like we thought, I'm staying. But we didn't see Sister Jones transferring! Interestingly, she'll be going to Oyama, and working with our old roommate Sister Chandler. I always wondered if I'd be sent back to Oyama for my last transfer. We were way shocked, especially since President Budge told me during interviews this week that he thought we'd both be staying. Never trust anyone! My new companion is Sister Reeder, who I've never met but seems nice.

One cool thing though - Sister Jones got a really strong impression to stand up and bear her testimony in church yesterday. She told me she felt like if she didn't, she'd regret it. A lot of members thanked her afterwards, and I know now that she's so happy she got that last chance. We were 99% sure at that time that neither of us were leaving, but it just goes to show that the Spirit knows things better than we do.

We've had a pretty crazy day and I don't have much time, so I'll make a list of good/interesting/weird things that happened to me this week.
  • Had dinner at a member's house, and got to hear their very funny how-they-converted and how-they-met stories. The husband was actually a raging alcoholic when he met the missionaries, and his life turned a complete 180. I guess he still likes nonalcoholic beer though, and he offered us some. I said no thanks just because it felt weird but he insisted somewhat forcefully that we taste it. Pretty pleasant, actually. Probably not what real beer tastes like but I have no way of knowing.
  • Went to our last District meeting of the transfer, and then District lunch afterwards at a member's really classy restaurant. To give you an idea of how fancy it was, we were offered warm, wet towels that smelled like eucalyptus oil when we walked in.
  • Taught the plan of salvation to one of our coolest investigators, Ka san. She listens so intently when we teach, asking questions to make sure she understands, and really applies the teachings. It's awesome to watch. She didn't even seem to phased when the member we had with us got into some reeeeally deep doctrine about the origin of Satan and the Second coming of Christ.
  • Got a phone call from this funny lady who we met a few weeks ago, telling us that she knows of a single man around our age and it might be a good "chance." This lady has zero interest in church but for some reason calls us/shows up at the church a few times a week just to say hi.
  • We finally got to meet Sho, a super sweet lady who the other sisters were teaching, and who we'd been unable to meet until now because we'd been knocking on the wrong apartment door this whole time. Oops. Better late than never!
  • Having Toya san come to church after a long time of not wanting contact with the missionaries. The only thing we did was come bring her homemade donuts on her birthday! Sometimes people just need a little love.
In other news, today is Culture Day in Japan so we went over to check out a free concert in the local community center. We watched a few numbers of people playing a koto, an old stringed Japanese instrument. The first act was pretty cool (see picture) but the second act was a little painful for my ears. Sister Jones and I couldn't tell if the group was messing up a lot, or if we just weren't accustomed to that type of music. But once the number was finished, we looked at our Eikaiwa friend who we were sitting next to and the look on her face told us everything. It was way funny.

Also one of the couples that come to Saturday Eikaiwa brought a Taiko drum to class, and I got to try it out. It's an action shot, so blurry.

Love you all! Can't wait to give an awesome update next week.

Koto concert at the Chosei Culture Day celebration

Ana tries taiko drumming at eikaiwa

Ru's step-mom was baptized in Senzokuike recently!

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