Monday, October 6, 2014

Hope this gets to everyone this time

We had an awesome, crazy week. By some blessed miracle a lot of our formerly MIA investigators were able to meet this week, so that was nice. I much prefer showing up to someone's house welcome, with an appointment, instead of bothering them when they're busy. Our teaching pool was also increased when the other sisters' contracts became ours, so we've been slowly meeting some of them. Most of them we already knew from Eikaiwa or other activities, so it was a fairly easy transition.

There was a big typhoon today with winds going at crazy speeds - luckily it was over by the time we were done studying and cleaning, so no bicycle accidents, but we got very soaked last night and my bike helmet somehow bent it like Beckham and flew around the other side of our apartment building. Honbu sent out an email saying "please don't go outside to take pictures" which was weirdly specific so I wonder if anyone had been doing that.

Because it was the other sisters last week, we got lots of food gifts and did lots of last-hurrah eating. I went up one kilo this week, which puts me two ahead of what I was in Oyama but 3 under what I was in Niigata. Slow but steady progress. Anyway, it was pretty sad to say goodbye to them but I know they'll have fun in their new areas! Sister Chandler is going to Oyama, so I gave her a note to give to Aki (still taking the lessons and working towards baptism!)

We met a new friend Shi last week - after talking to us on the street for a few minutes, she told us that she used to live in Texas for a few years and knew about the church! She then said we were welcome to come over anytime and she'd make us Mexican food. I knew she was golden from the very start. We actually did go over on Saturday, met her husband and friend from work, and had the most delicious feast I could imagine. Sister Jones and I were in charge of making the tortillas, so unfortunately those turned out kind of weird but besides that a complete success.

We also, as a mission, kicked off the Christmas season early. This year we are focusing on the true meaning of Christmas, and helping everyone come closer to Christ. For every baptism, returned less-active, new convert who goes to the temple, and other things pertaining to the work of salvation each companionship will make a paper crane. I'm going to get really good at making them soon.

Other highlights:
  • Meeting a girl on the train who's a very strong Baptist. Definitely the first time I'd ever met a Japanese Baptist. She was super cool, let us teach her the Restoration, and showed us to how to count in Japanese sign language.
  • Getting told by the members that we'd be in charge of a photo booth for the Halloween party, taking pictures with people that come. We were instructed to make sure we look our most beautiful - I wonder if they told the Elders that?
  • Meeting the new Elder straight out of the MTC, Elder Bennet. Sister Jones and I have been calling him E. Bennet in reference to Pride and Prejudice and cracking up like the dorky Mormon girls we are.
  • Finding out that there is a group here similar to the Senzokuike park wild cat society, who feed a bunch of ferals who live by the train station. I guess this is a Japanese thing.
  • Being confused out of my mind as we discussed Isaiah in Gospel Doctrine. Sometimes the teacher asks missionaries questions about what the English text says, or random theories about America, and I try not to look like an idiot. Put "read the Old Testament" on my to-do list.
Pictures - Me helping with dinner the last night before sisters Cheney and Chandler left, last district picture, and our fiesta.


Anna "helping" with dinner before Sisters Cheney and Chandler leave for their new areas.

Chosei District before transfers

Anna, Jones Shimai, Shi's husband, and Shi and work friend making and eating Mexican food.

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