Monday, August 11, 2014

August 10, 2014 (Subject is the image of a surfer?!?)

Hey all,

I don't think I've ever spent so much time on trains in my life. Sometimes you meet super cool people on trains and have awesome conversations, and sometimes the people just really don't want to talk to you and it's extremely awkward. This week I met an awesome girl named Mi who lives near the beach, and we might see her today. I also got rejected hardcore by a lady who told me she had "an appointment with a friend in the next car over." Please, at least make up excuses that sound halfway credible.

But now, time for the miracles!! We had THREE baptisms in the Chiba South zone (consisting of Chosei, Togane and Kisarazu) this weekend. So awesome and happy and a great way to end the transfer (although we still have one more week). One of the Elders' investigators, So, got baptized here in Chosei. It was a lovely service except for the all-missionary choir singing A Child's Prayer that was pretty awful. Sort of nothing you can do about it - our schedules don't allow for much music practice time.

Also, do you remember the funny Kisarazu Eikaiwa student I was talking about a few weeks back? I met him on splits, and he kept referring to other nonmembers as "guests" while insisting that although he hadn't been baptized, he was basically a member. Well, he officially took his name off the guest list and was baptized over the weekend! He's so nice and will be a great addition to the branch there.

We also had a pretty sweet day at church. Su, the lady who couldn't come to church because her husband didn't like it, told us that he had work this Sunday so she wanted to come. She also came to the baptismal service beforehand! She continues to puzzle us and we're not really sure why she wanted to come to church, but happy that she did. Homu San also came for the second time, and loved it. She's so ridiculously sweet and loves everything that we teach her.

One of the best things that happened was when Tomi came to church. We met her through a mutual friend, and had talked a little on Facebook about Eikaiwa but nothing church-related yet. But when we invited her to church to see Sister Sticht sing, she said she'd come! So she showed up with her daughter, and they had a great time. I was playing the piano, so I couldn't see anything, but Sister Sticht told me that halfway through the second verse of the song ("I'm Trying to be like Jesus" in Japanese) that tears were running down Tomi's face. She messaged us afterwards and thanked us, saying that she felt something really special at church and that she'd been going through a really rough time. She said she felt healed. I think we were led to Tomi right when she needs it the most, and am so excited to continue to meet with her.

Other cool things this week: splits with Sister Willden (more MTC reunions!) and getting suuuuuper lost out in the middle of nowhere while it was dark. A policeman pulled us over and scolded us for not having bright enough lights. Sorry I'm poor and buy all my safety gear at the dollar store!

Picture: sometimes we make cake pops to give to people, and stick them in a cabbage head so that the chocolate can harden without touching anything. Creative geniuses.

Have a good week! The "typhoon" passed yesterday so we're fine. Maybe rained for 20 minutes. Japanese people are experts at freaking out about the weather.

Love, Anna

Sister Sticht excited about cake pops

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