Monday, July 7, 2014

Transfer results:

I'm transferring to Chousei! It is in Chiba, across the Tokyo Bay from where I am now. My new companion is Sister Stitch, who was in my zone two transfers ago, and I'm excited/nervous/stressed and all the range of emotions that come with being transferred. I've loved Senzokuike so much, but Sister Stitch says that they are teaching really amazing people in Chousei so I'm excited. We'll be STLs together. Apparently Chousei is sort of country-side-ish, so after my short stint in Tokyo I'm back to country livin'.

Wow I can't even think what to write... I have lots of packing to do and people to call and letters to write. Crazy.

I guess this past Sunday was my last in Senzokuike, and it was a good one. The Izus both came to church and had a really good time - they especially loved the gospel doctrine class where we studied about David and Saul out of the Old Testament. I didn't really understand anything. They both insisted on going to the "most difficult" Sunday School class after trying Gospel Principles last time and insisting it was too basic.

We also got the opportunity to go to church with Kay! We've been asking him to come for months, and he finally agreed - although it was in English. He has work on Sunday mornings, and the English ward starts at 1:30, so it's what works for now. Kay had a really good time and even stayed for all three meetings, including Priesthood (with some very helpful fellowshippers, including Elder/Brother Kawamura). I swear like half of our ward stays for English church after ours in Japanese - they like the practice. Six hours every Sunday. Anyway, Kay really liked church, just like we knew he would. It was interesting going to gospel principles class in English, where the teacher is a voice actor (who does the Aflack duck among other characters).

Actually, I had a lot of interaction with the English ward this week. On Tuesday I went on splits with Sister Ipson, in my same area but English speaking. It was fun and I got to practice "gaijin hunting" which is basically following and talking to anyone you see that isn't Japanese. Sort of awkward sometimes, but it's really easy to start a conversation - where are you from? Why are you in Japan?

Then, on Saturday, we went to a 4th of July BBQ (technically on the 5th, but Japan is ahead of American time) hosted by the English ward. Whenever the English ward throws a party all of our Eikaiwa students go, so it's a good dendo opportunity for us. We got to teach Kay (who made good friends that he saw at church the next day) and also Tomi, who goes to every church event known to mankind except church. Can't quite figure it out. She told us she's not ready for church, but loved the fireside she attended last week.

Other cool miracles:

Having our first lesson with a really sweet less-active family. Going to church now is difficult because they are currently living on a nocturnal schedule. I guess he youngest child kept waking up and wanting to play in the middle of the night, and the whole family adapted to it. First time I've seen that. They said they'd start adjusting their schedule gradually in order to get back to normal, so hopefully we can help them with that.

Having our first after-baptism lesson with Ru and seeing him act like an angel. It was so sweet the way he was hugging his cousin and showing love to everyone. His whole family is so happy and things are going great.

Well, time's up but I'm sure I'll have lots of cool stories next week! Love you all and hope you have a good week.


Ru with congratulatory letter from Kathy

5/12 ths of Anna's original MTC district at lunch

Chosei in Chiba Prefecture

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