Monday, March 3, 2014

Transfer calls!

Hello all.

Well, the biggest news this week is that I got transferred to Senzokuike! It's in the middle of Tokyo, and even more exciting, I'll be with Yamauchi Shimai, my roommate from the MTC who I love. We'll be whitewashing, meaning both of us are new, so I'll have to get to work!

I'm excited but of course really sad to leave Niigata. I've come to love this place so much, and we had so many good things coming up! Arrrgh. Even the weather was getting warmer. There are like 4 people planning on getting baptized this month so far, so hopefully I'll get pictures of that. Sister Wright, my old STL, will be taking my place, and I trust her and Sister Wigginton to take good care of Niigata. These next few days will be a hectic craze of trying to say goodbye to everyone and commit them to be baptized while I still can.

I don't have tons of time, but Niigata's been doing awesome. We had seven investigators come to church yesterday and it was an awesome testimony meeting. Kim came, and she said listening to peoples' testimonies made her want to pray more. Yay! We've been trying to find out what she needs the most.

Actually, we know what she needs the most. What all our investigators need the most. Faith in Jesus Christ! We've been focusing as a district lately on helping people come to trust in Him, because really that's what it's all about. Sometimes we focus way too much on baptism, or certain commandments, or whatever, and forget why we came here: to invite others to come unto Christ. I read a really good talk by Elder Oaks this week called "World peace" saying that all of the worlds problems are rooted in selfishness and wickedness and the only way to ensure worldwide peace was if everyone understood and lived the gospel. That's what I'm trying to make happen! Haha.

This week went by too fast. I got to do splits with Amituanai Shimai, which was really fun, and we had ping-pong night on Friday. Some of our Eikaiwa students came, including Teri and her family! I got to talk to Teri's mom, who is really nice, and whose heart is being softened through her daughter. She said when Teri told her she cried at church, she started to cry too. I think she's ready to hear the lessons as a family, and it makes me so happy. I've wanted to teach a family since the start of my mission.

Random list of the three questions I get asked the most here:
1) Where are you from?
2) How tall are you?
3) Do you have a boyfriend?

Also, no one can believe I'm twenty. They all say like 24ish. Not sure how I feel about that? Anyway...

One last miracle: we met Chi, a college student from China, while knocking on doors this week. She was super nice and said we could come back. So we did, bringing a Chinese Book of Mormon, and she got really excited when she saw it! Apparently she had seen it before somewhere, and without us even asking she took it and said she'd read it. Yosh! I'm sad I won't get to teach her, but I know great things are in store for her.

I very wisely decided to spend my time today going to the aquarium instead of packing, so it'll be a struggle to get everything done. What can I say, I'm a sucker for dolphin shows.

Love you!

Splash Zone?  Pictures from Anna's visit to the aquarium on her last P-day in Niigata.  Marinepia Nihonkai is the largest scale aquarium on the Sea of Japan.
Sea Turtle

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