Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sister MacArthur (December 15)

We received this email & pictures this week - so thoughtful!!


Dear MacArthur Family,

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

This is our first mail to you. We’re members of the Niigata Branch.
Our only daughter was also working as a missionary until March 26th.
Our friend sent us pictures of our daughter every week.
We were very happy and looking forward to seeing those pictures every week.
So we decided to send pictures which make missionaries’ family happy.

My husband takes pictures and I write English.
I hope you can understand my English.
I can write English but I can’t send a mail with pictures.
So we share jobs and it takes time to send mails.
Two pictures are of our branch building.

Now our branch has 9 missionaries and the number is record.

We hope Sister MacArthur gets used to cold Niigata in winter.
We thank Sister MacArthur’s parents for sending your daughter to Japan.

Sincerely yours,
The O. Family

All nine missionaries in the Niigita Branch

Niigata Branch meetinghouse

Niigata Branch meetinghouse

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